What is the Role of the Tocker Foundation Grant Review Committee?

As a permanent committee of the Texas Library Association, the Tocker Foundation Grant Review Committee assists the Foundation Board in the annual review and recommendation of grant awards to small, public libraries serving rural populations. The committee also provides expertise and advice to the Foundation Board on the award criteria and application process.

What are the deadlines for grant proposals?

The Foundation accepts grant proposals twice a year. Completed applications are due by January 15th and June 1st.

Do you fund automation systems?

The Foundation recognizes that many libraries are in need of a new automation system or in some cases, have never even had one. The board of directors recently decided to streamline the grant-making process for automation by accepting those applications year-round. Such requests may only be for the automation system and any necessary equipment to support it. Items included in the request for other library needs will not be considered.

Can I apply online?

Yes, we encourage all applicants to take advantage of our user-friendly online application system. Click here to get started. All Foundation programs that require an application are represented here. Please call our office if you encounter any problems or simply need some guidance.

I’m having trouble with my internet access. Is it okay to email my application?

Yes, you may attach the narrative portion of your application as a word doc to an email. All other documents such as the signature page, budget, vendor quote and floor plan will be attached separately in pdf format. Please email to grants@tocker.org.

Which libraries qualify for a Tocker Foundation grant?

Communities in the state of Texas that serve a population of 12,000 or less according to statistics from the Texas State Library database.  (https://www.tsl.state.tx.us).  County libraries may use the city population rather than the assigned county population when determining the eligibility.

The Texas State Library uses our county population for reporting but that makes us too large to be eligible for a grant. What does the Tocker Foundation look at?

The foundation will look at the population of the town where the library resides.

Is it true I should call the office to discuss my application before submitting it?

Yes, all potential applicants are encouraged to call our office and speak with Karin Gerstenhaber, the Director of Grants Management. She is now conducting preliminary grant reviews and is available to discuss your project.

Are extensions available?

Yes, short extensions of no more than one week are available by calling or emailing the Foundation office.

How will I know if you received my application?

We acknowledge receipt of every application by email soon after it arrives at our office.

How soon will I know if my application was approved?

The application review and due diligence process can vary.  Processing time is typically 60 days from the application due dates.

Do you fund access to electronic materials and subscriptions?

The technology and delivery of e-content is constantly changing. We understand the demand for e-books in libraries is great however, we have decided to hold off on funding any such requests until the current business model becomes more favorable to  libraries. We will continue to monitor the news in this area so that the foundation can best serve the needs of the libraries and its patron.

Does the Texas State Library offer any grants?

Yes, the Foundation encourages libraries to take advantage of state funding sources such as the Impact Grants through the Texas State Library. For more information go to: https://tsl.state.tx.us/ld/funding/impact/index.html