Writer’s League of Texas

For more than three decades, the purpose and mission of the Writers’ League of Texas has been to provide a forum for information, support, and sharing among writers; to help writers improve on their craft and market their skills; to promote the interests of writers and the writing community at large; and to elevate the art and enterprise of writing.

In addition to many wonderful, year-round programs, WLT offers Texas Writes. Now in its second year, the Texas Writes program sends accomplished, published authors into rural libraries across the state for half day presentations and panel discussions focused on the craft of writing.  Supported by a generous grant from the Tocker Foundation and established and overseen by the Writers’ League of Texas, this program comes at no cost to the libraries or the participants.  Recent workshops included topics such as writing family history, creating believable characters, understanding metaphor and mastering dialogue. Learn more at www.writersleague.org.

TX Writes Alpine